Week Two: winter light

8/365: gathering


We followed the winding path into the darkness, braced against the frigid wind. Coming upon Munro’s installations of light and sound was like stumbling into an enchanted forest or sacred clearing.

Anything that lights up a winter night and sparks such a profound sense of wonder is well worth a little cold.

Bruce Munro, Winter Light at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

9/365: no place like home


I’m not much of an angler but I feel a sense of north country pride at the sight of the ice fishing houses on the lake. The practice is quintessential Minnesota hearty.

And the house is actually a luxury! Some days you see people just sitting out on the open, care ice, perched on a 5-gallon bucket. I admire the dedication to winter activities & the determination to get outside – no matter what. But I’d want the house.

10/365: waiting in the wings


Sometimes when I’m out walking, I take note of all the things – not just plants & animals – that are in a state of dormancy or hibernation. The effect of waiting it out seems even more pronounced and poignant when the items are blanketed by snow.

11/365: stars of tomorrow


The plants that produce and hold their buds all winter so as to be ready at the first blush of spring…I love those guys! We planted a magnolia last spring – I’m heartened every time I pass by and see those furry buds quivering in the arctic winds. The azaleas, too, are steadfast in their determination to shine at the slightest gust of balmy breezes.

12/365: where you least expect it


Thursday my mom & I went to see the Martin Luther exhibition at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a collection of art, documents and artifacts – many that had never been out of Germany before.

This odd-looking object was maybe the biggest surprise and stuck in my mind’s eye. It’s the type of hood/mask the doctor would wear to protect himself against infection when calling on plague victims. Imagine this wild, dark visage arriving to care for you in the throws of your illness! Dark ages indeed.

13/365: what you see


One game I play this time of year is a search for color in the landscape. Turns out, if you’re looking for it (like so many things in life) there is is. The rust-colored leaves that cling to the oaks, the many shades of evergreen, the subtle taupe of dried prairie stems, the silver-gray of the Russian and prairie sages. And then, of course, there’s the sky…

14/365: no shadows without light


The sunshine tells a story of darkness & light through shadows against the bright, white ground of snow. I can’t get enough of these painterly silhouettes, the graphic appeal of black on white, and the dramatic elongation of winter shadows in a northern clime.

6 thoughts on “Week Two: winter light

  1. Love love love that you are back at the daily blog, and the weekly release is perfect. Your narrative is as lovely as your visual art, thank you for sharing your vision of beauty.

  2. Wow!! Really enjoyed each one. Isn’t it odd that there is such beauty even in the absence of color? Of course I love neutral, so each one spoke to me. The lights at the Arboretum were just that magical!!

  3. Terra- once again, I love your depictions of the season(s) and the visuals with stories you produce…it so often mirrors my pics and thoughts as I have my daily walk thru the park with my dog…a ‘few’ miles south, and so many ‘similarities’…thank you for your blogging time I so enjoy to read!
    P.S. I love the snow and ours has melted!…

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