Week Three: shadows, soup & surprises

15/365: self portrait silhouette


Caving to the irresistible urge to capture my own likeness in any shadow, reflection, or slice of a dull moment. It’s a subject that’s always available. When in doubt, self portrait.

16/365: peekaboo (allium seeds under snow)


As the snow melts, hidden treasures are revealed. This dried allium head appeared to have melted a tiny window around itself in order to have a look around.

17/365: evergreen


A contrast to the stark bare skeletons of the deciduous trees, this wall of juniper is like an arctic jungle teeming with writhing green vines. Green is a magnet to the winter eye.

18/365: shadow play part two: organic


The starkness of winter pairs well with the blinding sun, creating crisp, clean shadows all around. I love the visual echoes.The way the shadow imitates and distorts the original shape to make its own mark, stealing like an artist.

*Recommended Book: Steal Like An Artist, Austin Kleon.

19/365: shadow play part three: industrial


The empty bike rack near the beach formed geometric patterns of bricks and undulating steel in the January sunshine. All around the icy lake, the souvenirs of summer beckoned.

20/365: Soup for Andy


Totally random find. A can of Campbell’s tomato soup sitting on an empty bus bench. About 2/3 full…Couldn’t fathom the how/why of it but it made me want a grilled cheese with a cup of soup. And I can’t see a can of Campbell’s without thinking of Warhol.

21/365: eagle’s lunch


Another lucky find…these bald eagles were in full view. The juvenile was just hanging out but the adult was enjoying tearing apart the flesh of whatever vermin it grabbed for lunch.

When I was growing up, I never saw an eagle. Now it’s almost commonplace. It gladdens my heart and give me hope for other creatures to see how this species has rebounded.

And no matter how many eagles I see, I am always wowed.

4 thoughts on “Week Three: shadows, soup & surprises

  1. I never tire of seeing eagles and feel blessed when I see them. I photograph them whenever possible. And I feel a similar way about hawks.thanks for sharing all of your wonderful photos. I am a fan of your art. Have purchased journals and cards!

  2. I so enjoy the pictures, but the writing really adds a lot too. Love the Campbell’s soup!! The bald eagle!!! Thanks for sharing.


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