Week Ten: Geometry

64/365: the shape and relative arrangement of the parts of something


Contrasts: randomness and regularity; opaque and transparent, earthy brick and shiny glass. I look so much at natural forms that the shock of a straight line catches my eye.

65/365: diamonds in the rough


There is something perpetually nostalgic about a backstop. Just a bit of chainlink and a patch of gravel calls up memories of kickball, childhood and an idea of a simpler time.

66/365: water sign


I don’t know. It just struck me.

67/365: sunshine daydream


A dreamy scene for my window theme made magical by a distant sunlit curtain. I love the way  the space is compressed and flattened in a play between transparency and reflection.

68/365: starshine

online030917-single reed ice reflection texture

One of the coolest ice formations yet – I liked it SO much that it beat out the red-tailed hawk close-up of I took on the same day! It’s not clear to me how these ice stars formed around the reeds, whether they are an accumulation or a remnant, but I love their sparkle.

69/365: ice worlds


OK, I take it back. THIS is one of the coolest ice formations yet!

The churning flow of open water generated this sea of tiny bubbles. Then the frigid air flash froze them in time and space like an infinite field of stars in a thin, galactic slice.

70/365: full moon rising


I rushed out with my camera before the last of the light disappeared. I only had a few moments to take pictures. I only needed one.



2 thoughts on “Week Ten: Geometry

  1. The ice star is amazing, and it’s not just another picture of the moon, look at the beautiful colors of the sky. A chain link fence is also nostalgic to me. Great photos and words. Thanks!

  2. I love getting my own post. I still like the ” ice star around reeds “as my favorite. Keep them coming.


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