week eleven: late winter

71/365: snow


Snowfalls have been so few and far between this winter that this one felt strange and magical – like the first snow all over again.

72/365: tracks


How a fresh blanket of snow provides a welcome change of scenery! A clean slate –  it keeps a  perfect record of animal comings and goings, displays fallen leaves like precious artifacts and even traces the movement of the wind.

73/365: woods

online_late winter wood with blue sky sq

An apt expression of this moment between seasons. The landscape, reduced to winter’s weathered remnants, colored by the growing warmth of the sun and a hint of blue sky.

74/365: robin


The first robin of spring is always a cause for celebration! This one showed up a few days early and couldn’t be more welcome.

75/365: color fields


I’m more apt to see landscape in terms of Abstract Expressionism than Romanticism. I can’t help but see this landscape as primarily bands of texturized color, all stacked up.

76/365: pods

online-wild indigo pods

Only a few seeds left to rattle free of their brittle pods and stiffened stalks. The whole world is thirsty for a shot of spring’s green juice 🙂

77/365: ice

online_ice waves 01 sq

Was the ice always so fascinating and beautiful? It’s like falling in love with the boy next door…

Temperatures flirting with the freezing point form rivers above the ice and freeze windswept waves into ridges. All the while, the lake (being a lake) reflects the color of the sky: true blue.


One thought on “week eleven: late winter

  1. Enjoyed the pictures………..oh the beautiful Robin. I am ready for some color, even though I always enjoy the neutrals, enough with the neutrals, right? Thanks for the views through your lens……


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