Week 14: Spring Stirring/Shock of Green

92/365: wild geese in flight


Because if I include this photo, I can invite you to read one of my favorite poems by one of my favorite poets: “Wild Geese” by Mary Oliver. It is so full of understanding.

Bonus –  Listen to this On Being interview with Mary Oliver from October, 2015.

93/365: green in the garden


One of the things I look for every spring and a sure sign that spring has arrived: the chives in the garden. Hope! There will be fresh produce & herbs soon.

94/365: perpetual astonishment

fresh foliage

In spring, every weed, bud and leaf is a miracle.

I greet them all with enthusiasm. Long lost friends, every one!

“Every spring is the only spring, a perpetual astonishment.” – Ellis Peters

95/365: enter verdure


The landscape becomes tinged with green. It’s so subtle in early spring – and yet, anything outside the brown/gray/white palette is shocking at first .

Then, before you know it, you look around and the green has TAKEN OVER.

Then it all seems like some magic spell. As if we’d all been asleep and awakened into a beautiful springtime dream.

96/365: do you believe in magic?


We got to see “Mythical Creatures” at the Science Museum of Minnesota over spring break. The exhibition detailed the folklore & fantasy behind these creatures as well as the theoretical, fact- based explanations behind everything from cyclops to dragons.

97/365: sunshine on the water

sunlight on the water

When the sunlight sparkles across the surface of the lake like diamonds dancing across the water, I can’t help but smile. There’s something to be said for this clear view of the world, in early spring, before it’s all enveloped & obscured by lush, green foliage.

98/365: urban nature


While I would gladly escape to wilder, more remote places more often, I am grateful to have so much nature just beyond our South Minneapolis doorstep. This image expresses the balance in my life between two of my great loves: nature time and city living.

Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge overlooking the Cedar Avenue bridge.

One thought on “Week 14: Spring Stirring/Shock of Green

  1. Early spring is a favorite yet fleeting season. Your images & words are like a breath of fresh air.
    Love the green of those chives! How great you have put links to check out online. Nice touch

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