Week 17: perseverance

While I haven’t posted in two months, I have faithfully continued with the daily photo capture save maybe a day or two. I decided that the project was worth continuing, no matter how far behind I’d got. So, here goes…remember spring? Photos April 23-29.

113/365: anglers, minnesota river valley


I don’t fish but I’m somewhat fascinated by this activity because it involves so much patience. Personally, I would rather sit and stare at the water without any expectation of catching something. Then I see how these people standing ankle-deep in the water are so like egrets along the shore, steadfastly pursuing that one goal.

114/365: plastic tarps with field stone

online042417_plastic tarp with field stone.jpg

Found sculpture. An assemblage of folds and materials. The plastic not quite transparent, marked by dust, time and toil. Held against the wind by a single well-placed stone.

115/365: tracks, minnehaha creek

online042517_birds prints 01

I enjoy noting the comings and goings of various creatures – like a traffic camera of rush hour. This duck launch was a particular active spot of mud at water’s edge.

116/365: pink magnolias


A showstopper in one of the prettiest shades of pink I’ve ever seen.

117/365: R.V.


Freedom: The open road, a home on wheels, seeking out the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, whatever that means to you.

118/365: bleeding hearts


A favorite flower of spring, dripping with love and baring its hearts for all to see.

119/365: the tree outside my window


A near-miss on a long art fair day. Thankful, as always, to see this tree outside my studio before closing the blinds.


2 thoughts on “Week 17: perseverance

  1. As always, love your pics and love the descriptions equally…I do remember spring. 😉 thanks for the beautiful reminders…keep em coming!

    1. You are rockin’ it, Terra. Keep me posted on exhibits… We’re back in MN during August. Love ya, Teorey

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