Week 18: city life

Playing catch-up on the blog from a time in spring when life was exploding all around.

Photos taken April 30-May 6

120/365: deer on pike island


Rocco’s ears perked up and we knew there was something to see in those woods. Suddenly the white tails were bouncing through the trees. Since we were hiking the perimeter of the island, we had another chance to see them. They didn’t disappoint.

121/365: everything in bloom


When the flowering trees are in bloom, the abundance is beyond reason. It’s like living in a cloud of fragrant blossoms. Paradise on earth.

122/365: wild ginger


A plant I enjoy for its lush, heart-shaped leaves as well as the secretive position of its flowers. Unlike most plants, wild ginger completely obscures its flowers beneath its plentiful leaves. You have to be in the know (and squat down low) in order to get a glimpse of the flowers. Positioned near the ground, they attract small pollinators who may mistake them for rotting flesh.

Read more about Wild Ginger (Asarum canadense): https://www.fs.fed.us/wildflowers/plant-of-the-week/asarum_canadense.shtml

123/365: flower folklore


Years ago I read that ants were essential partners, helping peony buds to open into blossoms. As it turns out, the ants are there for a sugary snack and the peony doesn’t need them at all except maybe to fend off other pests. I liked the old story better.

124/365: turtle crossing


We encountered this baby snapping turtle smack in the middle of the walking path around Lake Nokomis. Afraid that someone might step on him by accident, I carefully moved him to the water’s edge. He was no bigger than the palm of my hand.

125/365: showstopper


Japanese maples generally get my attention but this one was truly owning the spotlight of sunshine, a garden diva stealing the show.

126/365: bright lights, big city


I love city life. The diversity, arts & culture, great restaurants. But what I love most about Minneapolis is the proximity to green space, lakes & rivers, hiking trails and wildlife right outside out door.

Kayakers on Minnehaha Creek (2 blocks from our house).



3 thoughts on “Week 18: city life

  1. Awesome pictures.
    You capture our beautiful city from city scapes to water scenes, floral, and the wild life that live around us.

  2. LOOOOOVE all these Terra!! you’ve seen lots of great things in your great city!! how cool!! (i love your city too!)

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