06.18.13 photo al fresco

I wrapped up my Bistro Meringues project Monday with a fresh-air shoot that included these beautiful berries. I was one of those college students who always wanted the prof to take us outside on beautiful days so when I can take my work outside, I’m ecstatic. Plus, the light was good, and when I finished […]

05.29.13 still sweet

Back to the sweet life with a full afternoon shooting Bistro Meringues in the studio. I did a lot of close-ups, product photos for the website. But I couldn’t resist creating this ode to bygone elegance: a still life set in my grandmother’s gravy boat. 149/365: still life with meringues

04.26.13 la dolce vita

Yep, life is sweet when work involves cookies! Today’s shot is a sneak peek from the studio; I’m playing around with styling these beautiful meringues and, of course, getting to know the product by sampling all nine flavors…They are like tiny, edible works of art. Fun to shoot, even more fun to eat! 116/365: cocoa […]