06.22.13 spice of life

We cooked up an Indian smorgasbord for our good friends who were visiting over the weekend. Many favorites, like Everyday Yellow Dal and some new experiments like this tomato pachadi.

Fresh air + cold beer  + good food + friends that feel like family = recipe for happiness.

blog062213_pachadi173/365: tomato pachadi

06.21.13 they’re back!

Nothing is more welcome after a long winter than the return of fresh, local produce. While the growing season started off a little slow due to all the cold and rain, things are finally getting back into full swing.  We had to wait till our 3rd CSA delivery this year but it’s finally pea shoot pesto time again! Farm-fresh, hyper-green, and worth the wait.

blog062113_peashoots172/365: pea shoots

06.18.13 photo al fresco

I wrapped up my Bistro Meringues project Monday with a fresh-air shoot that included these beautiful berries. I was one of those college students who always wanted the prof to take us outside on beautiful days so when I can take my work outside, I’m ecstatic. Plus, the light was good, and when I finished taking pictures, I got to eat my subjects.

blog061813_berries169/365: sugared berries

06.02.13 love the old goat

The pizza Brad made Saturday night elicted an emphatic, “mmmmm” with every bite. Zucchini, garlic, mushrooms, pine nuts, kalamata olives, and plenty of aged goat cheese. Just thinking about it has me mmmmm-ing all over again.

blog060213_beemster163/365: aged goat cheese

05.31.13 inspiration

One of the highlights of our trip to Omaha in April was discovering artist Vera Mercer. We stopped at The Boiler Room, a very cool restaurant in the Market District; I was instantly awed by the wall-sized still lifes. When I asked about the artwork, the manager encouraged me to take a full collection of the restaurant’s business cards, each one featuring a different Mercer photograph (the source of this collage).

Everything about the experience was inspiring – from the architecture and design of the subterranean bar to the delicious food and wine and the spellbinding art. All I can say is, seeing those photographs felt significant.

blog053113_veramercerinspiration151/365: vera mercer photo collage

05.29.13 still sweet

Back to the sweet life with a full afternoon shooting Bistro Meringues in the studio. I did a lot of close-ups, product photos for the website. But I couldn’t resist creating this ode to bygone elegance: a still life set in my grandmother’s gravy boat.

blog052913_meringue still life149/365: still life with meringues

04.26.13 la dolce vita

Yep, life is sweet when work involves cookies! Today’s shot is a sneak peek from the studio; I’m playing around with styling these beautiful meringues and, of course, getting to know the product by sampling all nine flavors…They are like tiny, edible works of art. Fun to shoot, even more fun to eat!

blog042613_cocoa meringues116/365: cocoa meringues

These French-style meringue cookies are made locally in Minneapolis/St. Paul by Bistro Meringues. Find them at Kowalski’s, Whole Foods, Lunds/Byerly’s and more.

04.06.13 we ♥ omaha

I’m behind on posting because we’ve been on a little road trip! Early Friday morning, Brad & I hit the road with the tree in tow and headed for Nebraska City.

I’m pleased to report that the tree is FINISHED (No pics till the public unveiling on April 20th…) and after months of planning, work, and no small amount of angst, we were ready for a sigh of relief and a little celebration.

April in Omaha offered us all the charm of spring and a chance to eat, drink, and be happy just being together. Cheers to that!

blog040513_bradOmaha96/365: brad, omaha

04.01.13 lucky in love

You’ve probably gathered by now that I’m madly in love with my husband, Brad. I could go on and on,  but let me just say, the man is crazy good.

Not only that, he came with a great family. My in-laws are helpful, kind, easy to be with, and – as if that wasn’t enough – they serve things like THIS for Easter dinner. And don’t seem to mind when I photograph it at the table! 🙂

blog040113_easterfish81/365: mahi mahi