09.28.13 tropic of the 45th parallel

There are some flowers that seem too exotic to grow here in the midwest. Dahlias are on that list. True, they would never survive a winter here. That they grow here at all – gracing our northern eyes with rainforest levels of resplendence -seems remarkable. I gape at them like a true provincial in the face of such strange and wonderful beauty. Golly gee, but that’s a pretty flower.
blog_whitedahlia271/365: purple & white dahlia

09.03.13 favorite things

One of those irresistible subject combinations – leaves and water. I always feel blessed to have my camera in hand and to be paying attention to what’s underfoot when something like this comes along.

blog090313_leafwithraindrops246/365: raindrops on poplar leaf

09.02.13 some spider!

As you might have guessed, I’ve never been afraid of spiders. I credit kind-hearted Charlotte with my affection for these fascinating creatures. The funnel web spider is particularly cool, building large nets across the ground that include a little tunnel – like a hunting blind – where the spider can hide in wait. (This one just emerged on top of the web for a look around.) In the morning dew, the webs are not only easy to find, but totally spectacular creations.

blog090213_funnelwebspider245/265: funnel web spider

08.22.13 what’s old is new

This is not a new photo. I recently combed through the vast libraries of my past 365 project and discovered many photos that were lost in the shuffle. Choosing one photo each day means that many photos are forgotten in folders.

It’s cool to revisit photos I took years ago because I may see them, or edit them differently with the eye I have today. This makes them feel new to me. So, on days when I don’t get around to creating a new photo, I may dust off an old one I’ve just (re)discovered. blog082213_alliums234/365: alliums

08.17.13 sage advice

My slight envy of those living in temperate climates centers on the ability to grow fresh food, particularly herbs, year-round. How I’d love to have rosemary bushes to prune!

But then while enjoying my fresh sage I’d just be pining for fresh snow. I choose four seasons, at least for now. But I do feel that life is better with an herb garden.

blog081713_purplesagewithdroplets229/365: purple sage with droplets