saturday night

We were really at Cedar Cultural Center – being spirited away on the waves of infectious Cuban rhythms. But then we found ourselves at Palmer’s – a Minneapolis dive bar institution I’d somehow never stepped inside before. Nothing like a little Saturday night surrealism. Palmer’s was worth the wait.

blog031515_palmers72/365: 2 No Ho on stage @ palmer’s


these days are numbered

It was written in the receding line of snow at our neighborhood sledding hill – the last day of sledding for a while. Maybe for the season. With a string of 50 degree days ahead, the world is utterly transformed.

blog030815_last sledding day66/365: sledding hill

Today’s post title is also the title of a song by The Head & the Heart. We fell in love with this band after seeing them play live at Festival Palomino last fall.

room with a view

We spent the afternoon at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, enjoying hands-on projects with the kids and taking in a mini-concert with the Laurels String Quartet. But somehow, with a world of art & activity inside those walls, the photo I ended up with was a look outside. It’s a view of the Minneapolis College of Art & Design or, more to the point, a composition of bricks, windows, and branches. And, while it would seem to be a black & white photograph, it is actually in full color.

blog_020915MCAD39/365: MCAD, february

field trip

We finally got a chance to visit the new Surly Destination Brewery yesterday – a sprawling industrial complex full of gigantic shiny vats, black t-shirts, and happy people drinking beer. There’s also a full kitchen cranking out all kinds of yummy snacks at a fast and FURIOUS (couldn’t resist) pace. I recommend the brussels sprouts.

blog020815_surly38/365: surly brewing

city of lakes/state of hockey

Lake Nokomis. Our lake in the City of Lakes. Sawyer & Zola take swimming lessons at the beach. It’s our usual running track, part of the bike route, a favorite place to grab ice cream. The lakes figure large in our recreation during all seasons; it’s part of who we are.

And so the kayaks, canoes & paddleboats wait their turns while the U.S. Pond Hockey Championships take center stage. There are dogs and babies and still plenty of bikes. Kids on the swingset and on ice skates. No matter how cold (or hot) it gets, how hard it snows (or rains), there will be thousands of people at, in, on & around the lake any day of the year. It’s part of what I love about us.

blog011815_pondhockey17/365: us pond hockey championships, lake nokomis

ROY G BIV: Orange

Day two of the rainbow colors theme. Yesterday it was -20 something windchill so I could only stay out for a short time. It was like a scavenger hunt with the clock ticking down…just enough time to spy with my little eye. Or the other way round.

Today: Orange.

blog010715_orange eyes

7/365: orange eyes

Check out my classic Minnesota January style: only my eyes are bare. On Facebook. Snapped yesterday, heading out to take photos.

portrait of a superhero

I delight in coming across found objects like this – deliberately placed for random discovery. I always think of them as little gifts left, anonymously, for the enjoyment, consideration, or puzzlement of whoever happens to take notice.

Hang in there, Spiderman. This, too, shall pass…



365 blank canvases

Happy New Year!

Today I kicked off my third 365 project. Today’s photos are in the can. I’ll publish the first in tomorrow’s post. Throughout the year, I’ll create new photos every day, pick a favorite to share, and publish it here on the blog the next day.

My photography career really started with my first 365 Project in 2010, making photos everyday and sharing them through this blog. During that life-changing year, I explored my artistic vision and built up courage to take the leap into a whole new life. Since then, I have discovered that I do my best work when I make this daily commitment to creativity & seeing the world anew.

I invite you to join me on the journey by subscribing to the blog (click “Subscribe/Follow” in the right column). You’ll get a daily dose of beauty & reflection, see what emerges over the course of the year, discover new work, and, maybesee your own everyday with fresh eyes.

A new project, like a new year, can be both exhilarating and a little intimidating. It feels like anything is possible but it’s hard to know where to start. Like 365 blank canvases just waiting to be filled. I think the best thing to do is take a deep breath and begin.

Wishing you a year full of possibilities – Cheers! Terra