after the rain

Few things are more delicate, fresh, and lovely than raindrops on petals (roses or otherwise). There’s also a depth to the light that emerges after a storm – a softness and subtlety that brings out the richness of colors more than sunshine ever could.

blog052715_iris144/365: iris

06.18.13 photo al fresco

I wrapped up my Bistro Meringues project Monday with a fresh-air shoot that included these beautiful berries. I was one of those college students who always wanted the prof to take us outside on beautiful days so when I can take my work outside, I’m ecstatic. Plus, the light was good, and when I finished taking pictures, I got to eat my subjects.

blog061813_berries169/365: sugared berries

Growing Strong Exhibit Installation

Last Thursday  was a big day for Growing Strong. I was there in the Mill City Museum loading dock to greet the delivery truck, and watch as the exhibit panels were unearthed from their cartons. It was exciting to see the result of all our hard work as the exhibit became a physical reality. Here is a little taste of the action and a sneak peak of the exhibit. Please join us Thursday night at the opening reception to experience the whole thing in living color!

Exhibit panels arriving at Mill City Museum.

Mill City Museum Second Street Entrance.

Exhibit panels emerging…

Installation tools.

Exhibit installation with Mill City Museum exhibit tech, Jan Struck, on ladder.

Mill City Museum lobby (Mill Corridor) with Growing Strong exhibit in the background.

Visit for more information.

Star Thrower Farm

Last fall, I had the wonderful experience of visiting and photographing several local farms. My adventures started with a fascinating tour, cheese-making primer, and tasting (yum!) with Deborah Pikovsky at  Star Thrower Farm in Glencoe, MN.

At Star Thrower, owners Scott and Deborah Pikovsky raise more than 350 gorgeous Icelandic sheep and lambs. The sheep spend most of their lives nibbling a healthy mix of grasses, legumes, and alfalfa under the watchful eye of three guard llamas (I could only get close to the white one. From across the fence).

I fell in love with the sheep who responded to me and my camera with open curiosity. They stood still and looked straight into the lens as if striking a pose! So much personality and variety – I could have photographed them all day.

And, the pastoral landscape – dotted with happy sheep, and framed by the last remnants of autumn blaze – could not have been more peaceful or picturesque.

The visit ended in the farmhouse kitchen, tasting Star Thrower’s artisan sheep’s milk cheeses. The buttery Camembert was my favorite. I also had my first, tangy spoonful of Skyr, a kind of Icelandic yogurt, drizzled with honey; it was on my granola the next morning. Star Thrower cheese is available seasonally, after the lambs have been weaned and the pastures are green.  So I have a few months to day-dream about a taste of the Ubriaco they call, “Three Sheeps to the Wind”.

I’ll return to Star Thrower Farm this spring to greet the lambs of 2012. Adorable photos to come.

Please visit the Star Thrower Farm website to learn more about this lovely farm. They also sell fresh Icelandic lamb, handmade soap, lambskins and fleece,  homespun Lopi yarn and handknit woolens. Or stop by the Star Thrower booth at the Fulton Farmer’s Market (opening late May).

now open

Apologies for a long absence. Somehow, I feel like I’m just getting my new year started. I’m back with a new look (what do you think?) and lots of news to share!

If you’re in Minneapolis, please stop by brand new Uncle Moe’s Deli & Drafts in the University district (Dinkytown for you locals). While you savor your burger or Mayslack’s signature roast beef, be sure to check out the art!

Uncle Moe’s features several of my farmer’s market pictures, printed in full-color gargantuan glory to highlight the restaurant’s emphasis on fresh, local ingredients. I had the experience of seeing the place take shape and consulting on the image selection. Here’s what things looked like a couple months ago:

And, while I was rather distracted by EATING at the preview, I did manage to get a couple shots of the pictures in situ…

Coming soon: more food photos and souvenirs from my local farm trips last fall. Till then, see you at Uncle Moe’s!


I did it!!! When I started this project 365 days ago, I had no idea what a huge undertaking it was. That was probably a good thing.

It has been a life-changing year. A year of beauty and wonder and bravery and sometimes, many times, just plain old hard work and determination.

To each and every person who took the time to look, and especially to those who signed on to follow the project EVERY day: thank you. And to those whose comments were like lifeblood to me, I am truly grateful. I enjoyed sharing the journey with all of you more than I could have imagined.

This project ends today but the next leg of my journey is just taking shape. I hope to see you again along the way. Wishing you all good things in the New Year – Terra

self portrait