This is a kind of symbolic family portrait. No matter what I am doing, in my heart there is harmony and rhythm and music. It comes from the sweet life that Brad and I have created with Sawyer and Zola.

More than anyone else, I owe the three of them a huge thank you for the time they gave me to pursue this project, along with their enthusiasm, support, and opinions throughout. Sawyer helped choose the daily photo more than once and Zola frequently told me how “tool” my pictures were.

Brad has been there for every one of the 364 days to take over the chores and the children as needed and allow me time to create, to look at the photos, read the posts, boost my spirits, and be every bit the dream of a man I was lucky enough to marry.

Only one of the 365 remains but the days and dreams to come are boundless.

guitar trio (brad, sawyer, zola)


Because the children are yawning and the snow is coming and Frank O’Hara is so cool and I really do sometimes wish I was a painter, I recommend reading Why I Am Not A Painter. While you’re at it, why not ponder whether Van Gogh’s madness was really caused by lead poisoning from sticking his paint brushes in his mouth…or something less tangible – like rejection. Or genius.



You’d think that we, of the frozen tundra, would prepare for winter around Labor Day. But we dawdle away the warm days of autumn, believing we have just a little more time. Winter is rarely subtle in the north. The world really can change overnight, leaving the things of summer suspended until the vernal breezes blow once more.

garden hose with icicles