still life with radish

Can I tell you how I’ve longed for this day? In the deep midwinter, wandering desperately through the produce section, I ached for the CSA box like a long-lost love. The sheer abundance of goodness! So much fresh, local, organic bounty, that (it’s so sad and I really hate to admit it) sometimes we failed to eat it all.

It’s a new day. A new season. And I am full of resolve. To appreciate each and every leafy green. To savor every turnip. Even to make my very best effort with the beets. Thank you Hog’s Back Farm for the enormous blessings you bestow each week. Our forks and appetites are ready.

Day 7: CSA Still Life

CSA Still Life

Week One: Herb plants (thyme & oregano for our kitchen garden), radishes, arugula, bok choi, rapini, 3 kinds of lettuce, scallions, pea shoots

rose-colored roses

Climbing roses strike me as easy-going, natural beauties. They seem to thrive on their wildness, sprouting tender blooms among their tousled vines in random abundance. Standard roses appear fussy, by comparison, almost manicured atop their prickly bushes. Of course, all roses are lovely…but I’m particularly smitten with the free spirits.

Day 6: Climbing Roses

climbing roses

city sublime

I’m noodling on a photo project involving local landmarks. It can be really challenging to have a fresh point of view with these subjects – I guess that’s why I’ve always overlooked them.  But, it can also be the highest challenge: to see something so familiar in a new way. And that’s what it’s all about…

Day 5: Minnehaha Falls

sublime: impressing the mind with a sense of grandeur or power; inspiring awe


cookie love

I’m not sure how I missed National Chocolate Chip Cookie day a couple weeks back, but I’ve been trying to make up for it ever since. I figure the best way to honor these beloved cookies is to bake them often and strive for perfection.

Day 4: Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’ve been working with a whole wheat version from Good to the Grain. I adapt the recipe slightly ; rather than 3 cups of whole wheat flour, I use 1 cup each whole wheat, white whole wheat, and unbleached all-purpose flour and 10 ounces of dark chocolate chips.

I created this batch in honor of Sawyer’s last day of school and made them extra big for a celebratory lunch box treat! Happy summer!

First of the Season

Today’s farmers markets (yes, we visited two) were heartening. Where just a couple weeks ago it was all maple syrup and bedding plants, today the local produce started coming into its own. Lettuce, spinach, scallions. Radishes galore. Bok Choy. Strawberries. And, yes, the first sugar snap peas of the season. Life is SO good.

Day 3: Sugar Snaps


We enjoyed our visit to the inaugural Linden Hills Farmers Market (where we bought the sugar snaps, visited Deborah from Star Thrower Farm, and indulged in what, I believe, are the best pastries in Minneapolis à la Patisserie 46). Then, out of loyalty and love, and a need for more tomato plants, we stopped by Kingfield, too.

Check out 30 Days of Creativity and get inspired! #30DOC, Day 3

Pizza Party!

This 30 Days of Creativity project works well for me because, while I can create anything from pantsuits to pizza, everything needs to be photographed. This means that I can indulge multiple favorite activities in pursuit of my creative goals. Like killing two birds with one stone, except without killing any birds.

What I’m trying to say is, I’m not just a photographer, I’m also a diehard foodie. I read cookbooks, follow food blogs, linger in grocery aisles, and plant a potager. As my passions in life go – food is right up there. (FYI: I don’t know how to sew, so the pantsuit is out of the question, it was just an alliterative vehicle). So, without further ado…

Day 2: Pizza

saturday night pizza

Yep, today’s #30DOC creation = dinner. A whole wheat pizza crust smothered in caramelized onions and dotted with goat cheese, kalamata olives, spinach, and toasted pine nuts. Isn’t it pretty? If you can’t tell by looking at it, it was also DELICIOUS.


It took an inspiring global initiative, but this month, thanks to 30 Days of Creativity, I’ll actually be using my Twitter (more than two years after signing up)! Oh, and I’ll be Pinning, too. Gosh, I feel so…21st Century.

What can I say? I’m just a gal who can’t resist public commitments to daily creativity. It’s gonna be great!

So, here we go: #30DOC, Day 1

late spring peony