Fortunately Brad and I were having a bird ID dispute on the deck. We just put up the feeder and, while we were at the cabin, the birds discovered it.

Brad claimed they were juncos. I didn’t believe him so I took a really bad picture on his phone. It turned out to be the only shot of the day.

You will notice that there are NO birds in THIS picture. But I’m still happy. I salvaged something and managed to NOT miss a day taking a picture. In spite of myself.

blog080415_junkoes212/365: accidental tree pic

portrait of a superhero

I delight in coming across found objects like this – deliberately placed for random discovery. I always think of them as little gifts left, anonymously, for the enjoyment, consideration, or puzzlement of whoever happens to take notice.

Hang in there, Spiderman. This, too, shall pass…