03.26.13: Kickstart my Art

Remember that big tree I showed you a while back? Well, it’s almost ready for its close-up…

Today’s photo shows a detail of the tree yesterday after priming.

I just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to complete the tree, my first large-scale public art project. Do you know about Kickstarter? It’s an online funding platform for funding creative projects.

You can pledge to become a backer, help get creative projects off the ground, and receive a reward. I’m offering special editions prints featuring images from my design cycle, “The Never-Ending Wood”.


These 4 photo-collage designs will cover the tree. As it turns out, printing photos on vinyl to wrap a 6-foot tall, three-dimensional tree is EXPENSIVE.

While I did receive $500 from the Enchanted Arboretum project board (Thank You!), my costs exceed $1200. I’m trying to make up the difference.

Please visit my Kickstarter Page to learn more about the project. There are lots of photos and also, ahem, a video. (I can’t say it was my finest hour but I got the job done.)

Become a backer to help get the project off the ground. Every contribution counts. Rewards start at $5!!

blog032613_blacktree85/365: primed tree sculpture

02.01.13 enchanted

I’ve been waiting to share some exciting news and today’s photo provides the perfect opportunity.

Several months ago, I submitted a design for a public art project in Nebraska City, NE called An Enchanted Arboretum. The project features artist-designed tree sculptures celebrating the city’s history as the birthplace of Arbor Day.

My proposal, a four-part photo collage titled, The Never-Ending Wood, was among the 21 designs selected for the project. More to come on that…Yesterday, my beautiful 6-foot tall tree finally arrived! Voila!

blog020113treeincrate32/365: it’s here !!

Stay tuned to the blog, or join my Facebook Page to watch the process as I create my tree! You can also follow An Enchanted Arboretum to see updates from other artists involved in the project.