06.09.13 life & death

This juxtaposition makes me smile. My friend Emy is trying to kill the invasive honeysuckle. She not only cut it down to the ground, she placed a skull over it!  I forgot to ask if this was a deliberate symbolic gesture…

In any case, the honeysuckle is growing right up through the bones like a phoenix rising from the ashes…

There is no more realistic portrait of nature than the fact of death and the resolute persistence of life all around it.

blog060913_skull & honeysuckle160/365: skull and honeysuckle

05.05.13 after the burn

The prairie garden near my house was burned since I visited last. It looks desolate but really it’s a sign of renewal.

From out of those ashes, the prairie is ready to begin again.

blog050513_aftertheburn125/ 365: spring prairie garden, after the burn