08.18.13 taco time

With a show of (somewhat lackluster) support from our kids, we’re trying to make ‘Taco Night’ a regular thing around our house. This evening it was beer-battered salmon tacos piled high with salsa verde, fresh jalapeños from our garden, and slices of avocado.

Sawyer and Zola accept the filling only as a vehicle for the tortilla. They are spartan tacos, at best. It’s a start.

blog081813_jalapeno slices copy230/365: taco fixins

04.11.13 kitchen confession

Sometimes I cut into an avocado with the idea that I will use it as an ingredient in something else. But moments later I find myself standing in the kitchen with a salt shaker, a spoon, an empty shell of pebbled black-green skin, and a grin of pure satisfaction.

blog0411133_avocado101/365: avocado