ghosts of the garden

You may have noticed that I have a fascination with things in nature that look like other things in nature. And, so, as I was surveying the remains of the garden – the leftovers from fall – I was struck by the skeletal transformation of some of the vegetables. Because I particularly love it when vegetables begin to resemble animals. Or, in this case, bones.

blog031615_lastyearsbeans copy

73/365: last year’s beans

08.13.13 beanstalk

We tried growing these lovely vining beans last year without success. I’m pretty sure the squirrels dug up the seeds. So when I spied this one growing along the back fence, twisting through our neighbors’ garden, I had to wonder if it was a carryover from last year. I like to imagine that the squirrels dropped this one seed from high up in the elm tree giving us all a welcome surprise this summer.

blog081313_scarletrunnerbean225/365: scarlet runner beans