fellow artists

I am amazed by the creations of others. Those who draw, paint, dance, write. All of it, really, because creativity and craft are at heart of all these endeavors.

Human beings are certainly not the only artists on earth. The things birds & spiders weave are particularly compelling,  intricate, and aesthetically beyond compare.


161/365: fallen nest

01.21.13 our nest is best

I don’t necessarily subscribe to the whole “good fences make good neighbors” thing when it comes to certain creatures. Like birds.

I guess I find the idea of avian housemates charming. We have a family of sparrows living under the roof for years. Then, ast summer, we welcomed a young couple to our bedroom windowsill. They set up house and started a family right underneath the air conditioner.

I’ll admit, they were a little noisy. But I loved having them. We could hear the peeps of their babies as the parents darted in and out of this impossibly tight space tending to their little flock. And we were only mildly irritated by the early morning arias sung so very loud and so very near our bed.

When they moved out in the fall and we put the air conditioner in storage, I couldn’t bring myself to clear out the sill. Their nest was so cozy and so lovely. A tightly woven mix of textures from hair and feathers to crinkly plastic and bits of fabric, all in the most beautiful earthy brown and gray palette.

The other day, when it was too cold to go outside and I needed a picture, I pushed open the window and studied this homey assemblage still nestled in the sill. I’m glad we could all share a nest. And I hope they come home in the spring.

blog_012113_birdsnest21/365: birds nest detail