07.06.13 the scoop

I’ve been taking the same picture of Sawyer scooping tadpoles at the sandpit, reflected in the pond, every year since he was three. This time, his great-uncle Barry joined in on the fun. There is a Norman Rockwell kind of nostalgia and timelessness to this image that always makes me smile.

blog070613_barry&sawyer187/365: scooping tadpoles

07.05.13 i love a parade

One of the highlights of Fourth of July at the cabin is the Side Lake parade. It’s got everything: waving princesses in convertibles, families on floats, marching bands in full regalia, and plenty of candy flying through the air. People line the streets with camp chairs, cars, and coolers. Everyone’s decked out in red, white, and blue. It’s a tradition that reinvents itself every year but always remains true to our memories of parades past.

blog070513_sweetpea186/365: sweet pea

lake time

I haven’t been the most consistent blogger lately. And, it’s possible that no one would have noticed my week + absence.

In any case, we’re heading for the lake and a welcome break from the grid. I’ll take lots of photos and get back in touch when we return.

schneider timelake time / schneider time


lake time

We got home yesterday after a blissful 4-day weekend at the cabin. Daily life can get so busy – it was heaven having our little family all to ourselves. Lots of photo opportunities at the lake. Mostly the kids – adorable in their sunglasses and lifejackets – swimming, jumping off the dock, scooping tadpoles from the pond, splashing, smiling, and sleeping in a precious heap like a couple of puppies. I’ve taken at least a thousand photos around the cabin over the years. But, the great thing is: there is always something more to see, to learn, to experience. Here are the photos that I decided to Pin for 30 Days of Creativity.

Day 16: Old Shed with Birch Trees

Day 17: Self Portrait with Water Glass

Day 18: Morning Paddle

Day 19: Sleeping Babes (Early Morning)