sun salutation

230/365: sunrise, lake harriet


One of my favorite parts of summer is my daily sunrise yoga practice at Lake Harriet. Friday morning was particularly glorious: a cool, late summer breeze, pink-tinged clouds, the lonely screech of sea gulls and clank of sailboat moorings. It was all so beautiful I had to pull out my iPhone to take a picture. I’m so glad I did. I want to remember that August morning long after the snow flies.

Thank you Lake Harriet Yoga Project for the wake up calls…

happy earth day/sky day

It was a moment of blue sky between bizarre bouts of sleet, snow, and gusty winds. When I realized the sun was shining, I peeked out and saw these graceful cloud formations. They remind me of humpback whales swimming together, an avian courtship dance, or the lines of the continents mirroring each other like two pieces of the same puzzle.

blog042215_clouds110/365: clouds

stuck in the middle

Officially, it’s spring. But in reality, we’re in seasonal limbo. Ready for the beach, but still putting away the sleds. Longing to sweat, but still shaking off the chill. It all hangs in the balance from day to day – sunscreen or snowstorm? Only time will tell.

blog033015_betweenseasons87/365: nokomis beach, between seasons

*This wooden walkway is the winter sidewalk leading to ice skating rinks on the lake.

08.10.13 beautiful world

We spent the weekend at the cabin and enjoyed three days of crisp, beautiful sunshine punctuated by enormous pouffy cloud and surprise, pop-up showers. It’s so good to stop and just take it all in.

blog081013_cloudslittlesturgeon222/365: clouds on little sturgeon

04.16.13 band of blue

Yesterday, the blue sky was THE inspiration. I chased the wisps of blue as they swirled in and out of the clouds. But, of all the images, I was drawn to this one. I like to create these color field compositions from nature, abstracted to mere swaths of color (albeit with a heavy Romantic flourish).

blog041613_colorfield106/365: color field: sky and clouds

watching the skies

Ssshhhh. There is snow in the forecast but I don’t want to jinx it by talking about it out loud. I love snow. My kids love snow. And there is nothing I like better than a white Christmas. So, fingers-crossed!!

This photograph has nothing to do with snow. But, since I’m watching the skies, waiting for the flakes to fall, I thought I’d share a rosy outlook for your Friday. Think of it as something pretty for today, from me to you.

pink-cloudscapepink clouds


One year ago today, I walked out of my office for the last time. I closed the door on the cold comfort of a steady paycheck at the hands of days, weeks, and years stuck in an unhappy situation. Outside that door? A world of possibilities. The great unknown.

Sometimes it’s terrifying to be free. And I’m still figuring out the path ahead and how to keep moving forward without exactly knowing the destination. But this journey is vast, abundant, and worth every stumble. Plus, I’m traveling with the very best of companions.

If I start to panic, I try to remember to take a deep breath, relax, and go boldly because, well, WHY NOT? Mary Oliver’s lines are one of my favorite reminders:

Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?

(from “The Summer Day”)