07.11.13 sweet home

My parents yard looks like a park with big trees, a sprawling lawn, and flower gardens everywhere. My mom is great at bringing the fresh flowers inside and placing them in nearly every room of the house; it’s one of the many ways she makes things beautiful.

blog071113_daylilycenterpiece192/365: daylilies on the table

04.08.13 sure thing

When the last of the snow melted, I went straight to the spot where I was most likely to find signs of spring. The day lilies that crowd this little south-facing patch along the house did not disappoint me. They are always first to emerge. And when they return, spring is always right on their heels.

Nothing could bring more hope and gladness than these little rays of life stirring beneath the soil.

blog040813_dayliliesemerge98/365: daylilies emerge