04.01.13 lucky in love

You’ve probably gathered by now that I’m madly in love with my husband, Brad. I could go on and on,  but let me just say, the man is crazy good.

Not only that, he came with a great family. My in-laws are helpful, kind, easy to be with, and – as if that wasn’t enough – they serve things like THIS for Easter dinner. And don’t seem to mind when I photograph it at the table! 🙂

blog040113_easterfish81/365: mahi mahi

03.29.13 rites of spring

There’s nothing like the smell of white vinegar to signal the return of Spring. It’s an Easter ritual my children enjoy every bit as much as I always did do. In fact, there was some talk around the table about dyeing eggs at some other time of year – just because it’s so much fun. Hmmm. It could happen…

032913_eastereggs88/365: easter eggs