learning to flail

231/365: wheat


Saturday we visited the Mill City Museum & Farmer’s Market. We got a free threshing lesson using a method called flailing – basically beating a pile of dry grain stalks with a simple log and chain tool until the seeds come out. We were surprisingly good at it. But, then, we’ve been flailing for years.

embarrassment of riches

As if the wealth of sun-ripened berries and full rainbow of farm-fresh veggies weren’t enough – the farmer’s market is now bursting with blooms in such exuberantly colorful & random bouquets that is almost feels like too much. Almost.

blog071615_farmers-market-bouquet193/365: farmer’s market bouquet

bountiful harvest

A full day of making in the studio finished up with loads of local harvest prints. Exciting to be back in this season of plenty. I’ll be glad to create some mouthwatering new images while dreaming up the next meal. Getting ready for Art at St. Kate’s a week from Saturday. Let there be sun…

blog063015_veggie-prints178/365: local harvest prints

09.28.13 tropic of the 45th parallel

There are some flowers that seem too exotic to grow here in the midwest. Dahlias are on that list. True, they would never survive a winter here. That they grow here at all – gracing our northern eyes with rainforest levels of resplendence -seems remarkable. I gape at them like a true provincial in the face of such strange and wonderful beauty. Golly gee, but that’s a pretty flower.
blog_whitedahlia271/365: purple & white dahlia

07.15.13 market day

Oh, my gosh, I think I’m going to cry. Not because the radishes are spicy, but because I am FINALLY caught up with the blog after my week+ vacation. Whew!

Yesterday we enjoyed a trip to the farmers market. Growing season is really kicking into full gear; the tomatoes will be here before we know it!

blog071513_radishes196/365: radishes

06.17.13 my sunshine(s)

We enjoyed a perfect summer Sunday in the city (Minneapolis). A Baker’s Wife donuts (still warm), bike ride around the lake (a first), trip to Kingfield Farmers Market (our favorite) for Foxy Falafel (the best!) and a good old-fashioned sing-a-long with the Roe Family Singers (old-timey) who make us happy when skies are blue and on beautiful sunny days, too.

blog0617113_quillanroe168/365: Quillan Roe

because you can…

I have that feeling of panic right about now. The tomatoes that were so abundant just weeks ago are tapering off; there is only one left in the bowl that used to overflow with a dozen or more at a time. Last night, I went out to the garden to pick another bowl of ever-bearing beans only to find the vines shriveling in the autumn sun. Can it really be too late? Again?One minute I couldn’t chop or chew fast enough to keep up. The next, I can’t scrounge up a cucumber for the dinner salad.

Or maybe not. Maybe there is still time. Time to gather up the green tomatoes and the tender herbs. Time to dust off the dehydrator and line up the Ball jars. Time to bring home bushels of this and that from the farmers market and make good on the season’s bounty. Time to make hay while the sun shines and, perhaps, to make pickles. For that, I favor dill.

dill at the market

veggie love no. 10: garlic

This photo just makes me want to COOK. There isn’t much that smells better than garlic as it starts to sizzle in the pan. Stinking rose, indeed! Perfectly plump with delicate purple streaks and brimming with possibilities. What could be sweeter?


Garlic from Swede Lake Farm / Global Garlic where they specialize in organic produce and rare garlic varieties.