veggie love no. 5: beet greens

I confess. I do not like beets. Not even the fresh-picked, organic gems that come in our CSA box. I’m working on it…

Beet greens are another story, however. First, they are easy on the eyes. Unlike the gnarled roots of their labor, the tops are delicate leafy ruffles of rich green trimmed in crimson. Also, their mild flavor bears no resemblance to their subterranean counterparts.

beet greens

veggie love no. 2: purple cauliflower

I have yet to eat a purple cauliflower but I am always delighted by their rich color at the farmers market. They, like the chartreuse romanesco, always remind me of sea coral; I love the intricate detail of every facet. One day, I’ll take a nibble.

purple cauliflower

growing strong art

I’m nearing the end of the 30 Days of Creativity project. It has been such a joy to get back in the habit of creating something every day. I have to admit, at the start of June, I had hoped to create lots of different things, not just photographs. So, I did some food, and a mosaic with my kids, but mostly I made photographs. And that was great because I love making photographs!!

For Day 27, though, I was excited to pin something non-photographic – a layout I created for the Growing Strong Art Contest. Due to a couple withdrawals and some logistics we had to change things at the last minute but I was rather proud of the layout I had designed TO SCALE in Photoshop. As in, I created something and also did math. 🙂 I had the honor of judging this contest and I am always thrilled to experience and promote other people’s creativity – in this case, inspired (as I so often am) by the farmer’s market!

Day 27: Art Exhibit Layout

The finished display of art contest winners:


I’ve always been a bit of a library junkie. In my graduate school days, I relished the gathering phase of any new project, hauling arm-straining, backpack-breaking loads of books back and forth to my tiny apartment . Never mind the fact that I would never have time to read even half of them.

It always struck me as just so exciting that I could find all this information, all these pictures, and learn about exactly the thing I was interested in at that very moment. And so, in my excitement, I lost all self-control. With passion running to obsession, I stacked book upon book – conquests in my hunger for knowledge.

Some things never change. In my newly rekindled love affair with the library, I am back to amassing heaps of books with abandon . But now, instead of academic tomes, it’s gardening, photography, and food, food, food. I believe I may be insatiable…

Day 20: Cookbooks

Cookbooks: Simple, Fresh, and Pasta

P.S. I realize the photo looks innocent. This is a partial stack of books from today’s check-out. One of several I’ll make this week 🙂

Rail Corridor Show Ending Soon

Just a quick reminder that my show at Mill City Museum is ending soon. The main Growing Strong exhibit will be on view through July 22nd. But my fine art exhibition in the rail corridor ends June 24th. Once my pictures come down, we’ll be installing winning selections from the Growing Strong Art Contest. I was honored to co-curate this community art show. Stay tuned for some really great market-inspired artwork heading to the rail corridor in July!


First of the Season

Today’s farmers markets (yes, we visited two) were heartening. Where just a couple weeks ago it was all maple syrup and bedding plants, today the local produce started coming into its own. Lettuce, spinach, scallions. Radishes galore. Bok Choy. Strawberries. And, yes, the first sugar snap peas of the season. Life is SO good.

Day 3: Sugar Snaps


We enjoyed our visit to the inaugural Linden Hills Farmers Market (where we bought the sugar snaps, visited Deborah from Star Thrower Farm, and indulged in what, I believe, are the best pastries in Minneapolis à la Patisserie 46). Then, out of loyalty and love, and a need for more tomato plants, we stopped by Kingfield, too.

Check out 30 Days of Creativity and get inspired! #30DOC, Day 3