winter green(alicious)

I have always been a staunch member of the broccoli love camp. I like it every which way. And it’s a reliable old favorite during these long winter days that can still make me say “mmmm” right out loud. For all its virtue, it is no less voluptuous to me.

blog022515_broccoli55/365: broccoli

08.30.13 magic beans

Some kind of magic or, at the very least, charm, is in these beans. Their speckled faces – each different from the last – were enough to enchant two modern-day children (and their mother) pod after pod as we sat together shelling in the summer sun.

blog083013_shell beans242/365: shell beans

08.28.13 psych!

The only reason this photo made the blog is that it’s the only one I managed to take that day. Still, it tells a story. Spotting this gigantic spud bursting out of the ground, I concluded that the potatoes were ready for digging and gathered the whole family around for the first harvest. Turns out this guy just went a little rogue in his desire to see the sun.

blog082813_potato psych240/365: potato

08.23.13 sense of scale

A special treat in the last fruit share box: champagne grapes. So delicious, sweet, and juicy (not to mention GORGEOUS) and so tiny that they are best eaten in mouthfuls right off the stem. Three times smaller than an average table grape, the whole thing messes with my perception; we humans seem like giants – very happy giants – scarfing these abundant, but diminutive bunches of fruit.

blog082213_champagnegrapes235/365: champagne grapes (three sisters organic)

08.18.13 taco time

With a show of (somewhat lackluster) support from our kids, we’re trying to make ‘Taco Night’ a regular thing around our house. This evening it was beer-battered salmon tacos piled high with salsa verde, fresh jalapeños from our garden, and slices of avocado.

Sawyer and Zola accept the filling only as a vehicle for the tortilla. They are spartan tacos, at best. It’s a start.

blog081813_jalapeno slices copy230/365: taco fixins

08.17.13 sage advice

My slight envy of those living in temperate climates centers on the ability to grow fresh food, particularly herbs, year-round. How I’d love to have rosemary bushes to prune!

But then while enjoying my fresh sage I’d just be pining for fresh snow. I choose four seasons, at least for now. But I do feel that life is better with an herb garden.

blog081713_purplesagewithdroplets229/365: purple sage with droplets

08.07.13 finding gold

It’s a painfully slow tease this season, but the tomatoes are finally beginning to ripen. My favorite are the sungolds – adorning their vines in groups of green orbs, turning orange by one slow, subtle shade, one sphere at a time.

blog080713_sungolds on the vine219/365: sungolds on the vine

08.01.13 viva verde

Brad thinks that perhaps I have unknown Mexican ancestry, such is my love for Mexican food. I have big ideas for this year’s garden, including ingredients for my own habanero hot sauce, rajas, and salsa verde. The tomatillos are the most fascinating to watch as they form expanding green lanterns – the future husks around the fruit. I can’t wait to see what’s happening inside.

blog080113_tomatillo213/365: tomatillo