mirror, mirror

281/365: self portrait with mirrors


My inaugural blog post was a self portrait. During my first 365 project in 2010, the distorted self portrait was one of my favorite subjects (selfies weren’t quite de rigueur yet). My interest in taking these photos dropped off somewhat but Sunday, in the bright autumn sun and the dazzle of art at Franconia Sculpture Park, my mirrored sunglasses were too much fun to ignore…you can’t see much of me, but you can get a sense: I’m a hat girl and I shoot Canon 🙂

franconia fall 2012

Franconia Sculpture Park is one of my happiest places on earth. It’s located in the middle of farms and fields about an hour’s drive from the city (Minneapolis). Coming upon the park always feels like crossing into another dimension – a bizzarro world full of creativity, monumental sculpture, big ideas, and a spirit of Anything Goes.

This fall, I get to make a couple visits to the park. Here are a few photos from last Saturday. It was the end-of-the-season celebration with live music, stilt walkers, food trucks, and all kinds of fun. We celebrated B’s birthday with a great Minneapolis band called the 4onthefloor and scored two seats by the campfire for the show. Once the sun went down and the music started, I put the camera away and just took it all in. It was a chilly and magical autumn night spent in very good company.

I promise to take better notes and add titles and artist names when I return in a couple weeks. Franconia Sculpture Park is open 365 days a year by donation.