09.26.13 lady in red

The only thing brighter than the sun and redder than the apples on our field trip to Applewood Orchard was my sweet Zola Belle and her Chuck Taylors! Later, when she walked home from school in just her socks, I learned that these adorable hand-me-downs from big brother Sawyer were already too small. Glad we got one day – and the shot.

blog_chuckt's@theorchard269/365: zola @ the orchard (red chuck t’s)

08.23.13 sense of scale

A special treat in the last fruit share box: champagne grapes. So delicious, sweet, and juicy (not to mention GORGEOUS) and so tiny that they are best eaten in mouthfuls right off the stem. Three times smaller than an average table grape, the whole thing messes with my perception; we humans seem like giants – very happy giants – scarfing these abundant, but diminutive bunches of fruit.

blog082213_champagnegrapes235/365: champagne grapes (three sisters organic)

01.25.13 for Paul / for Woody

Full disclosure: I am a former Art History major (fuller: and grad student) and a long-time Woody Allen fan.

As an art historian, this picture is full of associations for me, with Cézanne’s beautiful still life paintings topping the list. But maybe more than the paintings themselves, I love the fact that “those incredible apples and pears by Cézanne” were on the list of reasons that life is worth living for Allen’s character, Isaac, in the film Manhattan.

Bon appetit!

blog012513_january fruit bowl25/365: Fruit Bowl, January