06.04.13 all’s fair

It’s all about rites of passage this time of year. Graduations, last days of school, weddings. Doors closing and others opening. It’s a bittersweet time.

As a child passing through these milestones, I think it’s mostly sweet. At least, that’s how I remember it. Everything exists in the present moment when you’re kid. You think about things in the future & past, sure. But, really, it comes down to giving all you’ve got to the moment.

blog060413_tugowar_dag155/365: tug of war

03.01.13 xoxo

Yesterday we celebrated Zola’s 5th birthday with lunch at The Lowry, butterfly cupcakes, and plenty of pink presents. While we waited for our food, Brad challenged her to a spirited round of tic tac toe. I swear you can see her determination in the way she’s gripping that pencil.

This girl came to play. From the first moment we saw her, rosy pink with a head full of crazy black hair, we were smitten. There are not enough X’s and O’s in the world…

blog030113_tictactoe60/365: tic tac toe