sweet nothings

Love is in the air and in the studio. One of the things I’ve been working on this week is designing a few new Valentine’s Day cards. In addition to my fine art practice, I own a business called Avant Garden Studio. I design & make artful goods like cards, journals, and calendars that feature my photography and, often, some bit of text as well.

I’ll be building an online shop for Avant Garden Studio later this year. For now, these cards are available on my Etsy shop with FREE shipping to U.S. addresses. 8 days left till Valentine’s Day…xoxo


36/365: avant garden valentines

01.18.13 sunshine daydream

It occurs to me, as I study this image, that I grew up in a house with a black globe. Sure, a globe is a map of earth, not a portrait. Realism isn’t required. But, those inky oceans made for a pretty dour portrayal of the planet.

On the other hand, this cheerful vintage model makes me want to plunge right into the clear blue sea of 1950! The sun is shining and the water looks fine.

blog011813_blueglobe18/365: vintage globe /ocean blue