finding balance

Another entry in the ‘rethinking landscape’ vein I introduced the other day…considering the built aspects of our environment as part of the landscape.

blog062115_tree&drain169/365: dead tree  & drain pipe on the mississippi

just to say (OOT: la crosse no. 2)

There is nothing touristy about this photo. It’s not the riverfront or the iconic blue bridge. It’s not the sculpted dragons over the entrance to the public gardens. It’s not any of the cool, vintage neon signs I shot downtown.

It’s just the photo I liked best from my day walking around La Crosse. A simple human expression hidden in plain sight¬†for any passerby to witness and, most likely, relate to in some way (that may or may not be about a cat).

I miss my ____________.

blog041215_imissmycat100/365: i miss my cat