teach your children well

As parents, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. I’m sure we all dwell on what needs improvement. But it’s a tough job and I think most of us do the best we can. Which is why it’s good to also recognize the things we do best.

For me, one thing I know we’ve done right as parents is nurture Sawyer & Zola’s love & enthusiasm for the outdoors; they may suffer from messy room syndrome but they will never come down with nature deficit disorder!


154/365: zola with caterpillar

good clean dirt

I never liked wearing gardening gloves. So I was very happy to ditch them for good when new studies showed contact with dirt to be beneficial. Something gardeners have known all along, but fascinating to read about.

blog051815_gardeners-portrait136/365: self-portrait, gardener

03.13.13 reaching

Today’s photo is a good counterpart to Day #39, Up in the Air. I’m amazed at how telling these two disembodied self portraits are – apt expressions of my psyche at the moment of their creation.

If you had the thought: “she’s really reaching” –  the answer is “yep”.

blog031313_reaching72/365: hand, self portrait