05.08.13 sweet peeps

My grandparents raised chickens on their southern Minnesota farm. As a little girl, I loved all the animals on the farm, but the baby chicks especially. When they arrived, I was given a cardboard box and allowed to take a chick or two into the house to care for during my visit.

Yesterday, Zola brought two fluffy, peeping baby chicks home from preschool to care for overnight. The sight, sound, and smell of those chicks brought back so many sweet memories of my childhood. I’m happy that, now, Zola gets a turn to experience the wonder of brand new life.

blog050813_chicks128/365: Zola & Brad handling chicks with care

03.29.13 rites of spring

There’s nothing like the smell of white vinegar to signal the return of Spring. It’s an Easter ritual my children enjoy every bit as much as I always did do. In fact, there was some talk around the table about dyeing eggs at some other time of year – just because it’s so much fun. Hmmm. It could happen…

032913_eastereggs88/365: easter eggs

03.01.13 xoxo

Yesterday we celebrated Zola’s 5th birthday with lunch at The Lowry, butterfly cupcakes, and plenty of pink presents. While we waited for our food, Brad challenged her to a spirited round of tic tac toe. I swear you can see her determination in the way she’s gripping that pencil.

This girl came to play. From the first moment we saw her, rosy pink with a head full of crazy black hair, we were smitten. There are not enough X’s and O’s in the world…

blog030113_tictactoe60/365: tic tac toe