wonderful world

Sometimes, I just don’t have the words. When that happens, I rely on other people’s. This favorite quotation could easily be my personal motto:

“Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder.” – E. B. White

blog031915_ice patterns76/365: ice patterns, refreeze, minnehaha creek

lost at sea

I can get lost in a picture like this. In my mind’s eye, I am high above the earth, gazing down at the terrible power of churning ocean waves dark with storm when, in reality, I’m out for an afternoon stroll on the frozen creek.

As Anatole France put it, “Imagination is everything.”

blog022415_ice ocean54/365: ice/ocean


We live near an erratic creek. It rises and falls and freezes and thaws at the slightest provocation. Yesterday’s mild air had softened the icy surface causing it to emit an aqua glow. Along the surface, where puddles had formed midday, intricate geometric patterns emerged from the refreeze and drew my eye to objects engulfed in the transformation.

blog011715_twigs thru ice

16/365: twigs in ice

03.16.13 breaking winter

Winter is worn out. I walked to the creek yesterday and saw signs everywhere of the season’s last gasp. The sledding hill was empty, its snowpack well-trodden and soggy from the morning rain, cracked sleds abandoned near the bottom. The frozen creek was like a junkyard full of jagged ice chunks and broken branches, naked ice unprotected by its usual blanket of snow now pockmarked and scarred.

We romanticize signs of spring – grass turning green, birds singing, the smell of a warming breeze – but this scene was more like the field after a battle. It looked as if winter finally gave up the ghost but, then, I didn’t actually see it wave the white flag.

blog031613_breakingwinter75/365: pocked ice with broken branches

03.09.13 winter blue(s)

Walking along the sidewalk, I noticed some pieces of litter that had become fused into the snowbanks and, then, this arresting blue face gazing up at me from beneath the ice. Funny, that’s not how I pictured Euphoria

blog03091368/365: euphoria on ice

Ad for Calvin Klein perfume, Euphoria

02.18.14 frozen

I was a big Narnia fan as a kid. Remember how the White Witch turned Narnia to winter instantly? I have a mental picture of the river currents frozen mid-swirl by her spell. That’s what I’m reminded of looking at this picture. It’s an optical illusion how the water appears to be flowing from the drain spout and rippling in the pool below when, in fact, it’s frozen solid.

blog_021813_frozenwater49/365: drain spout with frozen cascade