02.06.13 ice-cyclical

There are wonderful things happening lately when the sun shines. The sun’s warmth is enough to melt the icicles hanging off the eaves drip by drip. But it’s still cold enough to re-freeze the drips into new formations as they fall onto objects below encasing twigs and wires in sheaths of clear glass. These sculptural icicles remind me of the mirrored stalactites and stalagmites that form in limestone caves – some drips coalescing mid-air, others merging into towering pillars that rise up from the ground.

blog020613_iceformations37/365: ice formations / re-freeze


You’d think that we, of the frozen tundra, would prepare for winter around Labor Day. But we dawdle away the warm days of autumn, believing we have just a little more time. Winter is rarely subtle in the north. The world really can change overnight, leaving the things of summer suspended until the vernal breezes blow once more.

garden hose with icicles