09.21.13 in the presence of greatness

We may not have an ocean here in Minnesota but, we do have Lake Superior. A force of beauty that never fails to fill my sense of awe to overflowing. And that, I think, is not too shabby.

blog_parkpointduluth264/365: park point beach, duluth, mn

big water

There is something about Lake Superior that feels like home to me. An unexplainable feeling of belonging on this shore.

This day, a storm was approaching – fast and dark – cloaking the city of Duluth in shadows as it blew in from the west like a big, black ghost. The seagulls hovered in the air and swirled overhead, caught between the coming tempest above and the promise of popcorn below.

gulls in flight

wave patterns in sand, park point beach

boat in the distance, lake superior

extreme driftwood

gulls in flight

The Native American name for Lake Superior is Gichigami: Big Water.