08.29.13 days of wine & roses

They are not long, the days of wine and roses:

Out of a misty dream

Our path emerges for a while, then closes

Within a dream.

from ‘Vitae Summa Brevis Spem Nos Vetat Incohare Longam’ by Ernest Dowson

blog082913_lamps and flowers241/365: lamplight and flowers

07.20.13 window & light

Certain late afternoons, the sun illuminates the everyday in a magical way, casting a golden spell on whatever it touches. The object, the moment, the world is made poignant, precious because the light is fleeting and so achingly lovely, I hardly want to blink.

blog072013_window&reflection201/365: window & light

06.06.13 shadow world

I’m struck by the fact that this picture – while featuring a lovely vintage lamp – is not really about light. It’s the darkness that compels; the light is merely the instrument, the brush that paints a world of shadows.

blog060613_lamp157/365: lamp light

03.15.13 afterglow

…smile because it happened.

 – for Jim

blog031513_sunset74/365: sunset

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” is variously attributed to Dr. Seuss and Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

As we say good bye to Brad’s uncle Jim today we celebrate because he happened.

02.22.13 lights, camera…


For you non-photo geeks out there, bokeh can really describe any part of a photograph that is pleasingly out-of-focus. But, more specifically, it’s a Japanese word that refers to the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light.

So, last night, at the end of a rather long day, I threw myself a little bokeh party and rediscovered the joy of playing with my camera and all the pretty lights. It was easy, and fun, and just what I needed.

blog022213_bokehparty53/365: bokeh part no. 1 (there are lots more, believe me)

sunshine on the water

This is my favorite kind of image – something mundane turned mesmerizing through the lens and the mind’s eye. It has all kinds of beautiful suggestion and also works on a totally abstract level. I keep thinking that it looks like amber in a re-animated, liquid form. And I imagine all those imprioned insects stretching and wriggling their legs after so many petrified eons…

sunshine on the water (looks so lovely, sunshine almost always gets me high)