for tina

These drop-dead GORGEOUS lilies grow in our front yard. It┬ámakes me feel like the richest girl in town.* Seriously, having such beauty in my life does make me feel blessed. I see these blooms & my buttons burst with pride. It’s as if they were my children performing some great feat. In truth, I did nothing in particular to manifest this beauty. But I always like to believe that love had something to do with it.


165/365: lilies

*I quote/reference It’s a Wonderful Life year-round. Just ask Brad.

06.25.13 splendor in the garden

Sometimes I avoid photographing the lilies. They are so beautiful, it just seems too obvious somehow. But, this year, the lilies would not be ignored. The stems were laden with show-stopping, drop-dead gorgeous blooms in such abundance, clamoring for space. Lush and fiery, they stopped me in my tracks every time I passed by.

blog_tigerlilies176/365: tiger lilies