the color of love

I pine for fresh vegetables like a long lost lover, especially this time of year when the farmers market is still so many months away. The snap of the pencil-thin spears made my heart sing. Their vital green was intoxicating.

With asparagus like this, I thought, it must be spring somewhere.

blog021415_asparagus45/365: asparagus

03.04.13 love times three

I don’t post a lot of family pictures but once in a while there is one I just have to share. This picture is a perfect expression of our family life. We are blessed with an abundance of love, true interest in each other, and real, sweet affection. Zola’s smile says it all: life really is good.

blog030413_loveX363/365: family portrait

02.14.13 roses are red

A little Dylan for my one true love… Today, and everyday, I’m so glad you’re mine.

blog021413_rose petals45/365: rose petals

My love he speaks like silence / Without ideals or violence

He doesn’t have to say he’s faithful / Yet he’s true, like ice, like fire.

People carry roses / Make promises by the hour

My love he laughs like the flowers / Valentines can’t buy him.

(Love Minus Zero – Bob Dylan)