talking about the weather

Here in the north country, we like to talk about the weather. It’s a topic that’s always available when small talk is needed. Far less dangerous than religion or politics – something we can more or less agree on.

Perhaps, too, the vast swings of the weather pendulum here in the north provide especially interesting and varied story lines. One day, a heat wave with tropical humidity. The next, a threat of frost. I’m not actually exaggerating all that much.

As a self-confessed weather geek, I enjoy these conversations more than most. Colliding fronts make me giddy. Weather alerts traversing the TV screen garner my rapt attention (and, truth be told, a bit of disappointment when my county is left out of the action).

So, why am I talking about the weather today? Today, it seems, we are standing at the edge of temperate. Today, I will wear sandals. Today I will dig up the rosemary and the basil and make my usual futile attempts to nurse them through winter indoors (this year: armed with grow lights! fingers crossed…) Today we breath in the warmth of the passing season, admire the fragile flower petals that still remain and the green that’s left in the garden. But tomorrow? Tomorrow, we will stare autumn full in the face as the frigid north winds blow. I love it.

For today, then, let’s enjoy the flowers. Wild hollyhocks from the gardens near Lake Harriet. Also a flower that reminds me of my grandparents’ garden.

wild hollyhocks