08.22.13 what’s old is new

This is not a new photo. I recently combed through the vast libraries of my past 365 project and discovered many photos that were lost in the shuffle. Choosing one photo each day means that many photos are forgotten in folders.

It’s cool to revisit photos I took years ago because I may see them, or edit them differently with the eye I have today. This makes them feel new to me. So, on days when I don’t get around to creating a new photo, I may dust off an old one I’ve just (re)discovered. blog082213_alliums234/365: alliums

08.17.13 sage advice

My slight envy of those living in temperate climates centers on the ability to grow fresh food, particularly herbs, year-round. How I’d love to have rosemary bushes to prune!

But then while enjoying my fresh sage I’d just be pining for fresh snow. I choose four seasons, at least for now. But I do feel that life is better with an herb garden.

blog081713_purplesagewithdroplets229/365: purple sage with droplets

07.15.13 market day

Oh, my gosh, I think I’m going to cry. Not because the radishes are spicy, but because I am FINALLY caught up with the blog after my week+ vacation. Whew!

Yesterday we enjoyed a trip to the farmers market. Growing season is really kicking into full gear; the tomatoes will be here before we know it!

blog071513_radishes196/365: radishes

07.10.13 welcome home

One downside to a week-long vacation is that I miss the gardens. I worry about the plants getting enough water and I fret over missing some spectacular, short-lived blooms.

When we returned Sunday, we were just in time to see the welcoming sights of the favorite yellow lilies, the newly-planted daisies, and the sweet, pink yarrow. The next day, I spent time watering and getting reacquainted with the gardens and discovered the¬†tomatoes and green beans that emerged during our time away. As much as I love our time at the lake, it’s good to be home. And that is a good thing.

blog071013_pinkyarrow191/365: pink yarrow

07.02.13 worlds beneath our feet

Just realized today’s post completes the sandpit trilogy! There is a lake at the cabin too (!) ¬†but the sandpit never disappoints for natural oddities; it’s very much this otherworldly mini-ecosystem in the midst of the north woods.

I love today’s photo because:

1) I don’t know what any of these things are;

2) This whole potpourri of life forms – nothing more than an inch or two tall – exemplifies the rewards of looking at the world;

3) It resembles a coral reef – diverse and beautiful, piled and intermingled, and teeming with life.

blog070113_sandpit life183/365: life forms

05.14.13 by any other name

One of the things I like to do is look up common names of flowers. The early spring prairie blooms I’ve always called pasque flowers have many more poetic and evocative names: wind flower, prairie crocus, meadow anemone. What’s in a name? Maybe. But I think I’ll call these beauties wind flowers from now on.

blog_pasque flowers134/365: pasque flowers