sugar magnolia

It’s the last day of sunshine and 70’s before we dip into a week of chilly April showers. It is far too nice a day for me to sit in front of a computer screen.

I send you a glorious magnolia blossom, drenched in morning light and I take me out to wander round…

blog041815_magnolia106/365: magnolia

march magnolias

This year spring came early, like a party guest ringing the doorbell before I’d had time to dress. I was caught off guard, flustered. Lovely to see you, Spring, but not so soon! I simply wasn’t ready.

The sudden spring made me wary. I observed the emerging buds and blooms with skepticism, certain of fraud. Yet, here we are. The lilacs in full bloom, the lake ice a distant memory, and the birds at my window in full voice. Did I nearly miss the magnolia blossoms’ splendor as I blinked my eyes in disbelief? Like souvenirs, the pictures help me to understand my experience and convince me that I really did witness this fleeting and absolute beauty.