09.18.13 note to self

For some reason, I don’t take annuals seriously. I dismiss them with their ever-present cheerful blooms.

Too common? Too easy? It makes no sense.

Is a coneflower any more exotic than a marigold? Not at all. Next year, I will embrace these happy workhorses of the garden and enjoy the color and beauty they provide with such tireless consistency.

blog091713_orangemarigolds261/365: late-summer marigolds

01.16.13 the once & future garden

In my own gardens, I tend to focus more on food and foliage than flowers. But last summer, I bought lots of flower seeds and sprinkled them heavily throughout our sunniest vegetable garden.  Between the herbs and tomato plants, pockets of lemon-yellow marigolds and red-orange cosmos delighted me with constant blooms all summer long.

I was so enamored with these cheery flowers, I decided to try my hand at saving seeds in the hope that I can spread even more beauty (and thrift) in next year’s gardens.

If the plan succeeds, I’ll have photos for you around July. Until the ground thaws, I’ll be tending my future garden dreams in the sunshine of my mind…

blog011613_marigolds16/365: dried marigolds