may day (observed)

Minneapolis has an epic, one-of-a-kind May Day parade┬áthat’s hard to put into words. It’s celebratory, political, diverse, beautiful, grungy and just makes me fall in love with my city all over again every time. One picture can’t really convey the extravaganza. I’ll put up an album on my Facebook page with a few other favorites. But for today, it’s the Rainbow Hula Club. Welcome Spring!

blog050415_mayday122/365: hula hoop club, may day parade

05.01.13 may day

Considering today’s forecast, calling out “mayday, mayday” seems about right! 6 inches of snow, really? Save us!

Maybe we’ll wake up to find that the snowstorm was just a crazy dream and that spring is still flourishing, uninterrupted.

willow bush121/365: willow buds