08.18.13 taco time

With a show of (somewhat lackluster) support from our kids, we’re trying to make ‘Taco Night’ a regular thing around our house. This evening it was beer-battered salmon tacos piled high with salsa verde, fresh jalapeños from our garden, and slices of avocado.

Sawyer and Zola accept the filling only as a vehicle for the tortilla. They are spartan tacos, at best. It’s a start.

blog081813_jalapeno slices copy230/365: taco fixins

08.01.13 viva verde

Brad thinks that perhaps I have unknown Mexican ancestry, such is my love for Mexican food. I have big ideas for this year’s garden, including ingredients for my own habanero hot sauce, rajas, and salsa verde. The tomatillos are the most fascinating to watch as they form expanding green lanterns – the future husks around the fruit. I can’t wait to see what’s happening inside.

blog080113_tomatillo213/365: tomatillo