bare bones: spring 01

It all started here, back in February. I got really fascinated with creating minimal, linear compositions with sticks, stems, & snow. At the time, I wondered how I might explore the series in other seasons, since part of what really made it work was the solid white backdrop.

Today’s image works on the same aesthetic with the bare stems left over from winter hanging over the black water of the creek. It looks like the winter scene in negative.

blog040915_barebones_spring97/365: plant stems over the creek

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bare bones

I realize this might be tough to appreciate, especially viewed small & on screen. But I really dig it, so I’m going with it anyway.

I like the way the twig looks like it’s painted on with a fine brush. And how it captures the bleakness of winter but not without a measure of stark beauty.

blog020415_twig high contrast34/365: twig in snow