04.22.13 thanks

Last Saturday the trees were unveiled in Nebraska City and my Kickstarter project was successfully funded! Double YIPPEE! You can check out photos of the finished tree on my facebook page. Someday, when I get back to Nebraska City, I’ll take better photos of my tree and post them here.

Today I want to say thanks to everyone who supported the project – and me: Tom and Liz, the Enchanted Arboretum project organizers in Nebraska, the other 20 artists involved, Kyle and Danielle from Icon Poly who made the tree sculptures, Andy and Chris at Rogers Printing who did a great job with my vinyl, and all my backers. I am full of gratitude for all the great people who were part of this experience and enjoying this week’s work: fulfilling backer rewards!

blog042213_thanks112/365: thank you cards

04.06.13 we ♥ omaha

I’m behind on posting because we’ve been on a little road trip! Early Friday morning, Brad & I hit the road with the tree in tow and headed for Nebraska City.

I’m pleased to report that the tree is FINISHED (No pics till the public unveiling on April 20th…) and after months of planning, work, and no small amount of angst, we were ready for a sigh of relief and a little celebration.

April in Omaha offered us all the charm of spring and a chance to eat, drink, and be happy just being together. Cheers to that!

blog040513_bradOmaha96/365: brad, omaha

04.02.13 progress

Here’s a little sneak peak of the tree sculpture after my first full day putting the vinyl collage on it. It’s all coming together!

If you’d like to learn more about my tree project, part of a public art initiative in Nebraska City called An Enchanted Arboretum, please visit my Kickstarter page. I am happy to report that I made my initial fundraising goal to pay the printing costs and I’m only $450 away from my stretch goal…

blog040213_treeprogress92:365: tree detail

03.26.13: Kickstart my Art

Remember that big tree I showed you a while back? Well, it’s almost ready for its close-up…

Today’s photo shows a detail of the tree yesterday after priming.

I just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to complete the tree, my first large-scale public art project. Do you know about Kickstarter? It’s an online funding platform for funding creative projects.

You can pledge to become a backer, help get creative projects off the ground, and receive a reward. I’m offering special editions prints featuring images from my design cycle, “The Never-Ending Wood”.


These 4 photo-collage designs will cover the tree. As it turns out, printing photos on vinyl to wrap a 6-foot tall, three-dimensional tree is EXPENSIVE.

While I did receive $500 from the Enchanted Arboretum project board (Thank You!), my costs exceed $1200. I’m trying to make up the difference.

Please visit my Kickstarter Page to learn more about the project. There are lots of photos and also, ahem, a video. (I can’t say it was my finest hour but I got the job done.)

Become a backer to help get the project off the ground. Every contribution counts. Rewards start at $5!!

blog032613_blacktree85/365: primed tree sculpture

02.01.13 enchanted

I’ve been waiting to share some exciting news and today’s photo provides the perfect opportunity.

Several months ago, I submitted a design for a public art project in Nebraska City, NE called An Enchanted Arboretum. The project features artist-designed tree sculptures celebrating the city’s history as the birthplace of Arbor Day.

My proposal, a four-part photo collage titled, The Never-Ending Wood, was among the 21 designs selected for the project. More to come on that…Yesterday, my beautiful 6-foot tall tree finally arrived! Voila!

blog020113treeincrate32/365: it’s here !!

Stay tuned to the blog, or join my Facebook Page to watch the process as I create my tree! You can also follow An Enchanted Arboretum to see updates from other artists involved in the project.