fellow artists

I am amazed by the creations of others. Those who draw, paint, dance, write. All of it, really, because creativity and craft are at heart of all these endeavors.

Human beings are certainly not the only artists on earth. The things birds & spiders weave are particularly compelling,  intricate, and aesthetically beyond compare.


161/365: fallen nest

free bird?

This is one of those pictures that I didn’t get at first. Then suddenly I felt its weight. There is a moment – the space of an unseen line – where freedom is still possible, however precarious, and the choices are right there in front of us. Branches? Or bars?

blog030915_birdsnestwithbranches&bars68/365: bird’s nest with branches & bars

01.22.13 our nest is best, part two

I had to laugh when I looked through the pictures I took yesterday. Flames flickering in the fireplace, patterns composed of radiator fins, and this shot of our cozy, unmade bed. Apparently, I become a heat-seeking organism when the thermometer hits 10° below zero…

blog_012213_ournest22/365: unmade bed in white

**The title of the last two posts is a reference to a favorite childhood book, The Best Nest by P.D. Eastman.

In the story, Mrs. Bird is unsatisfied with her home. But, after searching everywhere for something better, in the end, she realizes how good she’s had it all along:

“I love my house, I love my nest, In all the world, Our nest is best.”