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One of our favorite things to do each May is visit Art-a-Whirl in our old Northeast Minneapolis neighborhood. This open studio tour is now the largest of its kind in the country and grows every year. The addition of food trucks, new breweries, and live music in recent years make it all the more festive.

There is literally art EVERYWHERE from warehouses full of artist studios to galleries to people laying paintings out on the lawn or selling out of the back of a minivan. Quality and experience levels vary. Considerably. This was one that made us laugh. I wonder how many people accepted the invitation to ‘come upstairs’…

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Formed by Nature

I’m excited to announce the first of several group exhibitions I’ll be part of in the coming months: Formed by Nature.

The show was curated by Altered Esthetics, a non-profit community art gallery located in the Q.Arma Building in Northeast Minneapolis. The show features artwork using natural materials or expressing “an unprocessed experience of the natural world”.

Formed by Nature Invitation

My submission (see below) is an abstract composition formed by natural processes: an invasion of silty-green algae arranged by wind and water.  The image was featured in this blog post during the 365 project.

Altered Esthetics will be open throughout Art-a-Whirl, the popular Northeast Minneapolis art festival and open studio tour.